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Dear Patients,

I knew I wanted to be a physician from the time I was a very young boy. In fact, I wanted to be Marcus Welby! This occupational decision was not an intellectual choice. It came from my heart…a calling that I felt from a young age. I have always felt passionate about what I do. I came into medical school with “heart,” and always placed tremendous value on relationships. For most of my career, in addition to cardiology I practiced internal medicine, and I had the opportunity to get to know my patients as a whole person.

In the recent past, practicing solely as a cardiologist, I found that in spite of attempting to compartmentalize my focus to only cardiac issues, I could not hold back. Rather, I continued to pay attention to other symptoms and issues not directly related to my patients’ cardiac care – I gave advice and counsel and even followed up as needed. As my patients know, while they may have to wait to see me, when I close the door and am in the room with them, they are the only person and focus in my life. This is the environment that is home for me, this is where I belong.

Therefore, along with continuing my cardiology subspecialty, I have returned to internal medicine and have established a concierge/personalized care practice. This allows me to spend more time with each patient in a relaxed office environment, and to focus on all of your needs in one visit. You are now able to reach me easily and directly, day or night, whenever you need me. I have the opportunity to be proactive in your healthcare to keep you well, as well as reactive when you need medical attention.

It would be my privilege to be your personal physician for many years to come.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dominick Curatola, MD